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Tranzfuser 2017: 23 teams take on EGX

“Having had the privilege to watch the teams grow from applicants to the competition just a few months ago to now being in a position to pitch as games development studios seeking investment for the commercialisation of their projects, I’m delighted with the standard of work produced by this year’s Tranzfuser.”

Countdown to EGX

“Even newcomers are treated like peers and it is great to be part of a community that is so welcoming. I played a few DMA Design and Rockstar titles growing up and it’s crazy to think the guys that made Lemmings and GTA have had input to our game.”

Tranzfuser 2016: Miracle Tea Studios

“Don’t worry about what anyone is else is doing – just focus on your craft, observe people, observe the world ad don’t be scared to confront your limitations too.”

Tranzfuser 2016: Cold Sun Studios

“I think what we are doing is amazing all the time. I’m only 22 and when I tell people I run a games studio, the look on people’s faces re-asserts in my mind that what we are doing is amazing!”

Tranzfuser 2017 Teams Announced

The UK’s creative industries are one of our biggest success stories and a big part of that is our leadership in video game production. Now we need to nurture the next generation of talent, and the Government’s UK Games Fund and Tranzfuser have been set up to do exactly this. I wish all the entrants good luck in the competition and look forward to seeing the prototypes as they develop.

Local Hubs Honoured for Tranzfuser Contribution

Three pioneering organisations have been recognised for their contribution to the UK Games Talent’s Tranzfuser competition after grants from the UK Games Fund were awarded in their names. Digital Creativity Labs (DCL) in York, Eastern Enterprise Hub in the South East of England and the University of South Wales (USW) each selected an industry start-up […]

Further funding success for Tranzfuser™ 2016 teams

Three teams who took part in a major UK games competition are celebrating after receiving top-up funding from the UK Games Fund. Cold Sun Studios and Astro Manatee from South Yorkshire and Shiny Happy Studios from London all received prize money after taking part in Tranzfuser 2016. Now, each team will receive a top-up grant […]

Tranzfuser Application Webinars

This year, Tranzfuser applicants are required to produce a short video pitch. We’re hosting a series of Application Support Webinars to help you create the best pitch you can.