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Further funding success for Tranzfuser™ 2016 teams

Three teams who took part in a major UK games competition are celebrating after receiving top-up funding from the UK Games Fund.

Cold Sun Studios and Astro Manatee from South Yorkshire and Shiny Happy Studios from London all received prize money after taking part in Tranzfuser 2016. Now, each team will receive a top-up grant after clearly demonstrating to the UK Games Fund their continued progress over the past three to four months.

Tom Hughes of Cold Sun Studio said:

“It is amazing to have been awarded the additional funding and a big step for us to grow as a business. The Tranzfuser competition has been everything we needed from start to finish.  The progress that has been made since the initial grant has been no end. From all the hard work that everyone in the team has put into the project we have managed to give the game a design and gameplay overhaul. We have all grown as individuals too – transitioning from a team of students to a fully functioning business run by industry professionals.  Cold Sun Studios was founded through the Tranzfuser competition and will continue to grow as we continue to learn and develop both the game and ourselves.”


Dan Saxon from Astro Manatee said:

“As relatively recent graduates it’s a great feeling to know the UK Games Fund has faith in our ability.  Since we received the initial grant we have showcased the game at numerous events around England including Insomnia and PlayExpo Manchester, and the reception has been brilliant!  Tranzfuser has given us a route into the industry and kick-started the creation of our first game. It allowed us to showcase our game at the biggest industry trade show in the UK, gain invaluable feedback and make loads of connections.”


Deborah Farley, Head of Talent and Outreach for UK Games Talent and Finance (CIC) which runs the UK Games Fund and Tranzfuser said:

“It is great to see these three teams thriving and to hear how they benefitted from their Tranzfuser experience overall. It is clear that Tranzfuser is about so much more than money however – all our participants get the unique chance to access expert advice, resources and the exhibition opportunities that would have found more difficult to access otherwise. While Astro Manatee, Cold Sun Studios and Shiny Happy Studios top-up grants are recognition of each team’s progress and hard work we are proud of all our 2016 participants.”