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Local Hubs Honoured for Tranzfuser Contribution

Three pioneering organisations have been recognised for their contribution to the UK Games Talent’s Tranzfuser competition after grants from the UK Games Fund were awarded in their names.

Digital Creativity Labs (DCL) in York, Eastern Enterprise Hub in the South East of England and the University of South Wales (USW) each selected an industry start-up in their local area to receive a share of £50,000 after each facility excelled in providing local hub support to competitors in the Tranzfuser 2016 competition process.

DCL chose Co-operative Innovations Limited to receive a grant, while USW picked a start-up games develop company from Caerphilly called Runwild Entertainment Ltd to benefit from the money. Eastern Enterprise Hub decided to have the money in their name awarded to Miracle Tea, the company that they hosted during the Tranzfuser competition and beyond.

Head of Outreach and Talent at the UK Games Fund Deborah Farley explained the role of Local Hubs:

“Tranzfuser offers entrepreneurial organisations across the UK the opportunity to support graduate teams who aspire to make their mark on the UK games industry.

“With the help and support of Local Hubs we can provide competitors with an invaluable connection into a national competition. We know that our Local Hubs see great value in their role in Tranzfuser.

”By providing support and physically hosting teams, it gives these organisations the chance to invest into the UK games industry at a grass root level.”

Team leader for Miracle Tea Tom Andrews said:

“We as a team feel honoured to be nominated to receive additional funding. We’ve put a huge amount of work and effort into our game RUYA and we are extremely happy that the Eastern Enterprise Hub can see the passion we have for it.

“During Tranzfuser Eastern Enterprise Hub didn’t just provide us with the space to work, they provided us with support and mentoring throughout the competition. The team organised and provided us with guest speakers and developer sessions with the University of Suffolk’s game course. They put their faith in us to do well and gave us the push we needed to do our very best.”

Simon Barratt at Cooperative Innovations Ltd said:

“Raiders of Erda, our co-op VR RPG, is looking great and we’ve been able to start to scale the team even further thanks to the support received. The grant has helped us go from our initial prototype to a really good demo of the full functionality in which we have solved all the major issues and can start to move from pre-production into full development.”

Production Director at Runwild Entertainment Ltd, Martin Onions said:

“Runwild Entertainment Ltd is made up of experienced games industry veterans with combined experience of 65 years. We’re currently developing our first game – a unique multiplayer experience that allows players to connect across different devices and interfaces.

“This nomination shows how committed USW is to supporting its alumni and local games companies and as a graduate of USW and on a personal level I feel very grateful.

The money means a lot to the company and will allows us to develop our first IP to the point where we can take it out to demonstrate to publishers and the public.”

Deborah added:

“By awarding this money in recognition of the work of our Local Hubs we’ve had the opportunity not only to highlight the inauguration of Tranzfuser but also the hard work of hundreds of people across the country.

“In actual fact, when it came to choosing the three winners the selection panel had an extremely difficult task to perform due to the high standard of professionalism and the level of support provided by our Local Hubs throughout the UK”

“Tranzfuser is only a success because of every single one of our supporters and the commitment they give to helping our the selected teams. We cannot wait to work with an extended network of local hubs as part of Tranzfuser 2017.”

So far, the Local Hubs supporting Tranzfuser 2017 are as follows:

Abertay University

Digital Creativity Labs

Eastern Enterprise Hub

Futureworks Media School


Glasgow Caledonian University

Northern Ireland Screen

Sheffield Hallam University

Teesside University – Teesside Launchpad

University of Bradford

University of Brunel London

University of Huddersfield, Enterprise Team

University of South Wales

University of the West Scotland

Vector 76