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Local Hubs Honoured for Tranzfuser Contribution

Three pioneering organisations have been recognised for their contribution to the UK Games Talent’s Tranzfuser competition after grants from the UK Games Fund were awarded in their names. Digital Creativity Labs (DCL) in York, Eastern Enterprise Hub in the South East of England and the University of South Wales (USW) each selected an industry start-up […]

Further funding success for Tranzfuser™ 2016 teams

Three teams who took part in a major UK games competition are celebrating after receiving top-up funding from the UK Games Fund. Cold Sun Studios and Astro Manatee from South Yorkshire and Shiny Happy Studios from London all received prize money after taking part in Tranzfuser 2016. Now, each team will receive a top-up grant […]

Tranzfuser Application Webinars

This year, Tranzfuser applicants are required to produce a short video pitch. We’re hosting a series of Application Support Webinars to help you create the best pitch you can.

Tranzfuser 2017 launches today

Designed to provide a platform for creative leaders of the future, Tranzfuser is aimed at graduates looking to break into the games development industry, with a strong focus on getting their game to market.

Take your video game to the next level with Tranzfuser

For graduates looking to make it in the games industry, standing out from the crowd and letting their creativity shine has never been more important. But what opportunities are out there to transform the great ideas of top games talent into actual games?

Britain’s Great Graduate Games Talent

Graduate teams from the length and breadth of the country have been awarded grants by the UK Games Fund with the aim of taking their video games business to the next level. The annual Tranzfuser competition ran across ten regions of the UK. Each of the eighteen teams used a £5,000 prize to develop a […]

UK Games Talent Partners with EGX in Tranzfuser Showcase

“We’re delighted to have partnered with EGX to bring this fantastic opportunity to the Tranzfuser teams. The showcase represents a chance of a lifetime for graduate teams in terms of consumer exposure and the opportunity to pitch into the UK Games Fund”

Launch of New UK Games Talent Site

“The UKGT website offers the UK games development community an open door to connect to our talent initiatives, regardless if they are a rookie games developer or industry veteran.”

Tranzfuser Teams Announced

“Tranzfuser is a fantastic opportunity offering graduates the ability to take their first steps post-university. For us personally, it means we can potentially set up our own independent company, something we aspire to do.”