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Open Badges

What are Open Badges?

An open badge is a validated indicator of accomplishment; it’s visual and meaningful proof of your dedication in a specific area. Designed to be eye-catching as well as memorable, they contain metadata that supports the validity of the badge to potential employers, investors and interested parties.   They are flexible and travel alongside their owner and can be displayed in various digital platforms.

UK Games Talent Open Badge Academy

The UK Games Talent Open Badge Academy is designed to promote and recognise effective creative performance, as demonstrated by the skills and abilities of participants on our programmes. It achieves this through a transparent awards programme underpinned by criteria that reflect industry standards.

Our focus is on recognising talented individuals and teams across the UK at an early stage of their creative entrepreneurial career whilst they undertake real projects.

Open Badges will be awarded to individuals/teams and verify evidence to validate their achievement.  The recipients of our badges can use them to promote their achievements through a variety of different platforms.

How can I get an Open Badge?

We’ve developed a suite of proprietary UK Games Talent Digital Badges you can attain by working with us in specific ways. We’ve partnered with the Open Badge Academy to provide our customers with the most efficient and productive way of progressing to Badge award.

The UK Games Talent Open Badges

We’re in the process of finalising our suite of badges and will make our Open Badge Academy available soon.